and this is our “happily ever after” story

Once there was a little girl that grew up on the beach in New Zealand. She ran around with bare feet from sun up to sun down. She explored the magical bush on tip toes, the remote islands by boat and green rolling hills by horseback. Life was an adventure.

In a far far away jungle, there lived a small boy. He lived on Long Island and his playground was NYC. He spent his days playing sports, exploring his neighborhood by bike and tormenting his 2 brothers. Life was good.

The little girl lived with her parents and had no siblings but her world was not lonely. There was always a stream of visitors and other children in her life. She had family all around the world and grew up traveling and exploring many different lands.

The small boy had a large, close family. His cousins were like siblings and everyone lived on the Island. Summers were spent at the beach and in the winter when it got cold there were snowball fights that ended with hot cocoa by the fire. The small boy loved to daydream and his dreams were full of traveling the world.

When the little girl grew up she packed her bags and headed across the Pacific Ocean to sunny California. She still lived at the beach but the land was very different. She spent her days trying to surf, riding the boardwalk on her beach cruiser and juggling a few different jobs.

Not so very far away the small boy grew up, packed his bags and headed off to college. He was in a small town that had long cold winters and on snowy nights he would dream of life at the beach in sunny California. It was one of these nights that he started to plot the biggest adventure of his life.

Boy meets girl. (….you knew that was coming right?!)

One day the boy and girl meet. They end up working together and the boy tells the girl all about growing up in NY and his adventure of driving with friends across the country to sunny California. The girl tells the boy all about her life and the magical places she explored to end up right where she was.

And that was how the story began. Boy meets girl and they both decide that life is an adventure they want to explore together rather than apart.

The end. (Of the beginning of us)

And so the story continues like all “happily ever afters”…

Once the boy and girl decide they want to explore together, they do just that until one day the boy gets down on one knee and the girl says YES! The girl dresses up in a beautiful white dress and puts flowers in her hair. The boy gets into a suit and they dance the night away.

Babies come quickly, a cross country move and one day they wake up in their pretty little house, in a picture-perfect New England town with the itch to explore more. A family adventure that would take them back to the warm golden sunshine. Back to the beaches where they first started their life together. An adventure that their kids would share with them.

Back in sunny California they splash in the pacific, become locals at the zoo, camp in the mountains, star gaze, eat heaps of Mexican food, and play! The only thing missing was the life they left behind. The community of special friends and family to share special days with.

They question what they left behind, the sacrifices made to explore and live in the places they love. They didn’t have the answers so it was decided that it was the perfect time to keep exploring before the road took them home. They would continue to live a life just a teeny bit less ordinary.


The “boring” facts

We are a family of 5 exploring life with adventure and belly laughter. Of course, this comes with plenty of bumps along the way, grumpy pants and a few tantrums (not only kid ones!). Susanna is the creative mind who is behind the camera most days, running after Byron or whipping up a new website for our business Mungy Studios. Tom loves to get lost in the mountains and is the relationship builder for Mungy Studios. Together we are lucky enough to have started building the life we have always envisioned for ourselves and our kids. The kids change daily and despite all our efforts, they just keep getting bigger! Join us on this adventure called LIFE…