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School at Home

So homeschooling is not all rosy shades of beautiful pink and sunny warm yellows. It’s not all about lazy mornings and having no schedule but your own. There are days that are shades of dark cloudy blue and icky slimy green. There are days that I put on my teacher hat that I wish I […]

Bike Happy

A short and sweet post dedicated to the art of learning to ride a bicycle…. Have you ever had one of those parenting moments where you think – Oh shoot! That’s my responsibility! I forgot to teach them how to do that!! As a parent we are here to educate our kids… not just on […]

Holiday Happy

What kind of school holiday family are you…? Jam packed and fun filled, must-keep-little-bodies-busy days, quiet home days, or maybe you’re off to explore on a family adventure? Maybe you follow traditions and go on the same holiday every year? While we like traditions, the comfort and familiarity of them, when it comes to adventures […]

Home Sweet Home

“And down by the waters edge surrounded by magical trees, there is a clearing where the charming Lemon Cottage sits. It has 8 sides, the shape of an octagon, and is made of polished wood with floors and doors all in all the colors of a sunny rainbow. Fruit hangs from lush trees and the […]

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