When Tom and I first met we used to go out at night together, OFTEN. As time went by these late nights happened less and less until they actually had to be scheduled (well in advance) and these nights received the title of “Date Nights”. Once kids had come along they were almost non-existent and even though we always had fun I was basically asleep before my head hit the pillow at the end of the night. Somehow Date Nights weren’t as fun as they had once been…


Fast forward…. AND move over Date Night!! Last year we discovered that although it’s still nice to get fancy and go out for dinner, “Date Hikes” work much better for us. 8am is the new 8pm!! A morning hike, followed by a good cup of coffee or yummy lunch is our new style.

Like anything in life you learn to adjust with the paths you weave. What works on Monday might not work on Tuesday, what works when your 23 might not work when your 33! I could keep going so I’ll stop right there, you get the idea…


Last week the kids had a sleepover with Mormor (my mum) so Tom and I put our sneakers on and off we went. It doesn’t get much better than a peaceful sunset walk with beautiful views of the Bay of Islands. This isn’t really a hike but it’s a great little walk and one of our favourites. More info on the Tapeka Point Track >>.

So what is your idea of a date? How has it changed over time? I would love to hear your stories below!

xoxx Susanna

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