We have always talked about living in New Zealand, after all that is where I grew up and it was pretty amazing. We were waiting for the right time, the kids had to be the “perfect age”, things had to be set up just right….


The thing is, it’s like having a baby. Or any major “life as you know it” game changer. There is never going to be that completely ideal time where everything is aligned and the skies open up and you see a big huge sign that says “GO NOW! Smooth sailing the ENTIRE way.” Oh no, that’s no fun! That’s why you wake up one morning and just say “Let’s do it!”.


I like to make fun of Tom and the many quotes he saves and sends me but they really do help! Chances are one day you’ll stop just reading the words and actually live by them. We do and it’s fun! Trust me!! In mid September we decided we would move to New Zealand for a year (give or take a little). So on December 3rd we left our sweet little rental in San Diego and made the move.

If I say you don’t need to do any planning that would be lying. In my dream world I would love to say “Let’s do it!” and it would be done but it’s impossible to make no plans for something like this and just silly when your doing it with your family of 3 kids under the age of 7 and husband who always likes at least 2 backup plans. It helps that I know the country, have family and very good friends…. some things can be winged.

The house is packed up, things have been sold off, plane tickets have been purchased. Now comes the international travel day… dare I say it… with Kids!! Why is this most peoples reaction to traveling with kids?! It is the fear of all the “what if’s” that stops us in our tracks. But life is an adventure. Treat your kids to living it with you. If you want to give it a go but need a little courage check out my post on Travel With Kids.

xoxx Susanna

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