Live in NZ for a year (give or take a bit)…

I’ve learned that you can easily, or not so easily, make plans but you don’t have to be set on actually following each and every step. Go on – alter the route!! I dare myself to have a little fun and let go of the expectations we set for ourselves… And there lies the adventure of life.



We will live in Russell where I grew up, a beautiful sleepy town set right in the heart of the Bay of Islands. It is a peaceful spot with a collective group of locals and migrators aka “swallows”. The girls will go to my childhood school and run wild and free with their feet bare. Byron will learn to climb trees and if I’m lucky I can persuade him that playcentre is actually more fun than hanging out with me.


I will work remotely continuing my website design company. Tom will become a jack–of–all–trades doing a bit of everything… starting with my mums home renovation project. It’s kind of important since that’s where we plan to live. That’s the icing to our plan. A place to live always makes things like moving your family across the globe, a bit easier. If you plan to move internationally or locally, or nationally, scouting out the area is probably a really good idea. And that’s why I can’t be dramatic and claim to be really adventurous when I talk about our “New Zealand For A Year” plan. I may have lived in America for the last 15 years but this is where I grew up and spent the better part of 18 years. Maybe I rename this post and call it the “Moving Home For A Year” plan. Ok now I’m scared!

xoxx Susanna

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