So homeschooling is not all rosy shades of beautiful pink and sunny warm yellows. It’s not all about lazy mornings and having no schedule but your own. There are days that are shades of dark cloudy blue and icky slimy green. There are days that I put on my teacher hat that I wish I could trade it in for any other hat out there, literally any other hat out there!! BUT…all great experiences have ups and downs.


As a family that’s trying to create its own unique path and live slightly outside “the box”, we can see that it comes with challenges. We have children who are considered with each and every move and as we started to plot our next adventure the idea of home schooling came up as a solution to lots of transitions. It was an idea I have always kind of day dreamed about, ever since I watched this video. Here was our perfect opportunity to try it out!! That was the path we took and for the last 2 months we rode a wild roller coaster full of dips and turns, highs and lows…now as that ride ends, I {almost} miss the challenge of juggling new and old hats.


Although it did have challenges, as all new experiences do, I will never look back on the time we had and regret the choice we made. We had tears and smiles, light bulb moments, messy art, laughter and plenty of grumpy afternoons but we found our groove. We were brave enough to give it a try and in doing so I hope that it was an example that our kids will remember fondly. The example that it’s OK, no wait, that it’s GREAT and encouraged to try ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! I don’t believe in wrong outcomes, only experiences, lessons learned, new doors, and sometimes accepting the unexpected.

As our next chapter starts and one transition comes to an end I will slip this memory into my back pocket and remember that Monday morning we woke up and decided it was the perfect day for a field trip to the museum that never sleeps.

xoxx Susanna













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