Flying Through San Diego

If you’ve ever moved away from a place that is close to your heart, you know what it’s like to go back and visit. The visits are usually never long enough…you want to squeeze in lots of hugs, dinners, coffee dates, meet new precious babies, try and squeeze in a yoga class or two. If […]

School Happy

Schools for us have not always been easy, but let me say what is effortless and feels really, really good… to stand on your veranda, still in your pj’s with a hot cup of coffee in your hands, while watching your girls run to school, free as birds with hair flying and bare feet. For […]

Plan: NZ For A Year

Live in NZ for a year (give or take a bit)… I’ve learned that you can easily, or not so easily, make plans but you don’t have to be set on actually following each and every step. Go on – alter the route!! I dare myself to have a little fun and let go of […]

A life less ordinary

We have always talked about living in New Zealand, after all that is where I grew up and it was pretty amazing. We were waiting for the right time, the kids had to be the “perfect age”, things had to be set up just right…. The thing is, it’s like having a baby. Or any […]